▷Children And Schools Love Artificial Turf Playgrounds Oceanside

Artificial Turf Playgrounds Are A Hit With Kids And Schools In Oceanside

Children And Schools Love Artificial Turf Playgrounds Oceanside

Artificial turf playgrounds are being used in schools all across the country. There are numerous reasons for this, but the most important reason is that they are safe. From toddlers to teens, children love them and the results in schools have been wonderful.

Extra Soft Cushioning Effect

The material is called “crumb rubber,” which is composed primarily of ground-up tires and granulated infill, such as sand or cork. The crumb rubber gives the surface more cushioning than conventional surfaces. It also makes the play area safer by preventing athletes from getting injured while playing on hard surfaces during physical games such as football and soccer. Schools that have installed these fields report better behavior and higher test scores for students, along with a healthier lifestyle outdoors instead of spending most of their recess indoors watching TV or playing video games. These surfaces make it easier for children to learn how to fall without hurting themselves and they provide a safe for children who struggle with poor balance.

Extra Safety Playground Turf

Artificial turf surfaces are harder than natural grass, so children are able to run faster. The rubber infill also gives added traction in the rain or snow so students don’t slip and fall while running during recess. The original cost of installation can be expensive, but it is well worth the money when considering kids’ safety and health benefits. This green product makes up for its initial high cost by lasting longer than traditional grass fields without needing any maintenance like mowing. This saves schools time and money because they do not have to schedule work to care for the field every few weeks like other recreation areas around their school that require constant upkeep throughout the year.

Perfect For School’s Playground

There are many reasons why schools should consider installing artificial turf, especially if they already own fields that are not used as often because the grass dies and needs constant care to stay green. It is a safer option for school administrations and staff considering the health benefits it provides students. Children learn better in school when they feel good and healthy, and these surfaces help improve children’s grades and test scores by giving them more time to run around, play sports, and enjoy physical activity during recess.

Freedom To Play Any Game

Conventional playgrounds provide children with fun equipment such as monkey bars, slides, swings, seesaws, basketball hoops, etc., while also encouraging physical fitness at an early age. They give children the opportunity to be active as well as to learn how their bodies move through movement games such as Simon Says or Follow the Leader . The flexible surface gives children the freedom to play many different types of games at recess. There are numerous possibilities for children’s creativity and imagination because kids can do so much more than they could on a traditional playground.

Little To No Maintenance

Artificial turf allows kids to play outside without getting hot under the sun or worrying about stepping on sharp objects that might damage their shoes if they run around barefoot. This environmentally friendly surface has made it possible for schools to provide students with clean, modern, and healthy outdoor learning environments that also save them money in the long term instead of spending thousands of dollars annually to mow grass or water landscapes.


Artificial surfaces on playgrounds, fields and tracks provide a safe environment for children to play outside on a modern surface that is resilient and durable. For our services, contact Artificial Grass Oceanside at (760) 656-6090.